VISIONS Data Release 2


Data on the Corona Australis star-forming region now available.

Today, we released the second batch of observations from the VISTA Star Formation Atlas, comprising 840 GB in data volume.

This data release contains all collected observations from April 2017 to October 2021 on the Corona Australis star-forming region. In total, we submitted 3360 files that were constructed from 72336 individual images and comprise contiguous tiles, stacked pawprints, corresponding weight maps, and source tables. The area covered amounts to about 43 square degrees. All data were processed with a newly implemented pipeline environment operated at the University of Vienna that will also be used for subsequent data releases. Astrometric calibration was performed with respect to Gaia EDR3, resulting in a typical dispersion of about 15-20 mas. Photometric calibration relies on a direct comparison to 2MASS with statistical and systematic uncertainties at the percent level or better for bright sources. The sensitivity limits reach up to 21.8 mag, 21.1 mag, and 19.9 mag in the J, H, Ks passbands, respectively. Image quality is excellent throughout the entire survey with most data featuring point source FWHMs better than 1 arcsec. All data is available through the ESO Archive Science Portal (Stefan Meingast, 28.2.2021).