The VISIONS team contains researchers from across the world, both well known experts and junior scientists working on star formation, astrometry, and data reduction techniques.

Name Role Affiliation Country
João Alves PI U Vienna AUT
Hervé Bouy Co-PI U Bordeaux FRA
Stefan Meingast Co-PI (contact point) U Vienna AUT
Joana Ascenso Young clusters, dust properties FEUP PRT
Amelia Bayo SED modeling and APOGEE U Valparaiso CHL
Emmanuel Bertin Pipeline and web interface IAP FRA
Anthony Brown Interface with Gaia U Leiden NLD
Jos de Bruijne Interface with Gaia ESA ESA
Jan Forbrich Radio astrometry, dust properties U Vienna AUT
Alyssa Goodman Density mapping, structure analysis Harvard U USA
Josefa Großschedl Observation preparation, YSOs U Vienna AUT
Álvaro Hacar Cluster formation U Leiden NLD
Birgit Hasenberger Observation preparation, CMF/IMF U Vienna AUT
Jouni Kainulainen Density mapping, structure analysis MPIA DEU
Jens Kauffmann Interface with SDSS MPfR DEU
Rainer Köhler Binaries, jets proper motions U Vienna AUT
Karolina Kubiak Observation preparation, dispersed population U Vienna AUT
Michael Kuhn Clusters Caltech USA
Kieran Leschinski Observation preparation, streams U Vienna AUT
Marco Lombardi Extinction mapping U Milan ITA
Diego Mardones Jets and outflows, obs. preparation U Chile CHL
André Moitinho Young optical population U Lisboa PRT
Koraljka Muzic Low mass stars and brown dwarf populations U Lisboa PRT
Karla Peña Ramírez Interface with VVV, IMF U Cat. Chile CHL
Monika Petr-Gotzens Observation preparation, binaries, IMF ESO ESO
Timo Prusti Interface with Gaia ESA ESA
Ronny Ramlau PSF reconstruction, image quality U Linz AUT
Thomas Robitaille Consultant (Hyperion, astropy) GBR
Luis Sarro Statistics UNED ESP
Rainer Schödel NIR astrometry IAA Granada ESP
Paula Teixeira Observation preparation, binaries U Vienna AUT
Eleonora Zari Interface with Gaia U Leiden NLD
Werner Zeilinger Observation preparation, galaxy clusters U Vienna AUT
Catherine Zucker Density mapping, structure analysis Harvard U USA