VISIONS data products

At the end of the survey the following data products will be made available to the community:

  • Processed pawprints with removed instrumental signature including photometric and astrometric (compliant with the WCS standard) calibration, with Phase 3 compatible FITS headers.
  • Stacked tiles constructed from the processed pawprints (also Phase 3 compliant with appropriate headers).
  • Weight (confidence) maps for both the processed pawprints as well as the stacked tiles.
  • Quality control database including maps tracing background noise, seeing, PSF shape, exposure time, frame coverage, effective observing time, and completeness estimates.
  • Derived source catalogs for both pawprints and stacked tiles, including positions, multi-aperture photometry, and morphological classification.
  • Homogeneous band-merged catalogues directly constructed from the VISIONS data (deep and control survey) or merged with VHS data (wide survey).

FWHM maps for both our pilot study reduction and the standard CASU pipeline of a tile in H-band. Our pipeline achieves a resolution gain of about 20%. For more information see Meingast et al. 2016.