P108 Time allocation


The final allocation of observing time with VIRCAM@VISTA has been granted by ESO.

The time allocation process for Period 108 (October 2021 - March 2022) has been completed. VISIONS received approximately 11 hours of observing time, most likely the last allocation for the survey.

After completing the core program already a few months ago, the consortium asked for a minor extension of the program, in order to observe one extra epoch in deep fields. The team expects this minor extension of the survey to have a lasting impact, because these observations will cover the heart of the star-forming regions. There, optical surveys have little chance at capturing the light of the heavily dust-enshrouded baby stars and with these few extra data, VISIONS will be able to provide even more precise proper motion measurements for the youngest stars. (Stefan Meingast, 27-9-2021)