Backup for VISIONS DR2 and beyond


The VISIONS team at Univie has enlisted a student, Alena Rottensteiner, to aid in the preparation for the upcoming data release 2.

The VISIONS team in Vienna is working hard to publish the next iteration of images and source catalogs in the upcoming second data release (DR2). Alena Rottensteiner, a master student at the University of Vienna joins the consortium in order to ensure a timely publication and a robust review of the quality of the future data release contents.

Alena's work focuses on the daunting tasks of extending the VISIONS horizon by including additional survey data into VISIONS, specifically data from the parallel VISTA VHS survey. In addition, she will also help with creating quality control plots for the VISIONS survey papers that are planned for publication alongside DR2.

DR2 itself will include all data collected by VISIONS on the Corona Australis star-forming region, corresponding to about 70000 individual images. The entire field is about 40 square degrees in size, translating to a whopping 4.5 Gigapixel at the survey's pixel scale of 0.333 arcsec/pix. (Stefan Meingast, 1.10.2021)